Kung Wiman - a beach called heaven blog

11:05pm, Sunday 17 December 2023

When we first came to Kung Wiman beach in Chanthaburi 21 years ago it was a beautiful unspoiled bay with only a few thatched beachside eating places. Now it is much busier. There are a few beachside hotels and many day trippers come to eat seafood by the sea and enjoy picnicking, playing, swimming or fishing from the rocks. Beach souvenirs can be bought from the local vendors that line the road ...more

Dance and learn about Butoh together at a three day retreat

07:40pm, Sunday 5 March 2023

You are invited to connect to nature and your True Self through Butoh dance with Anais Carmen Bourquin April 16-19, 2023 at Faasai Resort and Spa, Kung Wiman Beach, Chanthaburi, Thailand The Butoh and authentic movement retreat will be led by Anais Carmen Bourquin, a holistic artist and Butoh practitioner of more than 15 years who has worked with Butoh masters in Japan and Shamanistic and ...more

What better combo than beauty and peace? blog

05:26pm, Saturday 24 December 2022

Staying at FaaSai Resort and Spa, I found myself in between warm welcomes and an utterly relaxing environment. The first day I arrived, the owners, Bronwen and Surin, invited me to join them in an early celebration of Christmas in the evening. The surprise was great. I got to know amazing people working around the resort, the owners' family, some of their friends as well as other guests from the ...more

From Swamp and Rocks to a Fruit Forest blog

10:18pm, Thursday 23 December 2021

When we bought our nearby piece of land people scoffed - what are you going to do with a swamp? I said the water might be useful in the future. I had realised the land was special when I noticed nearby ponds of turquoise water and both my husband Surin and I felt its magnetic pull the first time we went there. It was around New Year 2006 when we explored it for the first time as the owners. We had ...more

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