Sufficiency Economy Learning Centre: Showcasing a 26-year old fruit forest in Chanthaburi blog

10:56pm, Monday 16 September 2019

There are generally two reasons why Thai farmers embrace organics - one is health and the other is economics. For 73 year old Kumnung Chanthasit it was the latter. He had farmed the same plot of land in Tha Mai, Chanthaburi since boyhood. Despite the rich volcanic soil, he found himself sinking deeper and deeper into debt as he struggled to pay for the fertilisers and pesticides he thought he ...more

Explore Chanthaburi history at Wat Phlap blog

09:56pm, Thursday 12 September 2019

Chanthaburi is full of historic interest. It is an ancient trading port going back many centuries and one of the earliest places where the Teochew Chinese people who came to Thailand settled. Wat Phlap at Tambon Bang Kacha, in the southwest of Chanthaburi city, is one of the historic treasures of Thailand. It dates back to the Ayutthaya period and there is a beautiful stupa there, more than ...more

Chanthaburi - Gemstone capital of the world blog

10:22pm, Tuesday 24 September 2019

Amazingly, more than 80 percent of the world's gemstones come to Thailand for cutting and polishing and our province of Chantaburi is at the heart of this industry. Chanthaburi, with its red volcanic soil, was once an important gemstone mining area, particularly for sapphires and rubies. Although few gemstones are mined here now, the local people have became highly skilled at cutting and polishing ...more

Kung Wiman beach - a bay in heaven blog

11:52pm, Thursday 27 December 2018

We first came to Kung Wiman 16 years ago. It was a beautiful but deserted little beach next to a road that twisted around the hills to a fishing village at the end of the peninsula. The beach faces west across the Gulf of Thailand and the sea goes as far as the eye can see before curving into the horizon. An old sign by the beach explained that the name means a bay in heaven - so called ...more

Resort of the Year 2018 for Chanthaburi

Introducing our guests to the richness of nature

A chance to experience nature tourism and pick exotic fruit in Thailand's fruit capital

Two night nature spa package $99

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