Lush Soil, Tropical Fruit and Rare Plants

Chanthaburi is world famous for its tropical fruit especially durian, rambutan, longans and mangosteen which are exceedingly delicious when grown in Thailand. Its rich soil and pleasant climate means that virtually any kind of tropical fruit grows there including dragon fruit, mangoes, watermelons, bananas and lychees.

It is also famous for its black pepper and its small fiery chilis, Many culinary and medicinal herbs grow wild and are still used in traditional Thai medicine or cooking. Local people have retained their traditional knowledge and often prefer their own herbal remedies to visits to the doctor. The many local herbs mean that there are also a number of Thai doctors and Chinese pharmacists in the area specializing in traditional medicine. Visitors to Faasai are sometimes treated with forest cuisine made with wild seasonal local plants, and the local herbs are also used in the herbal steam saunas.