Cultural and Historical Sites

For those interested in cultural tourism, Chanthaburi has a rich history. It was here that King Taksin the Great built a fleet of warships, which he sailed along the coast and up the Chao Praya River to Ayutthaya, to liberate Thailand. The fleet was launched at Laem Singh, where you can visit the archeological site, a shrine to King Taksin and see local craftswomen weaving the famous Chanthaburi mats woven from Cyperaceae reeds. Chanthaburi also has an interesting marine museum.

For those interested in colonial history, from 1883 to 1904 the province was occupied by the French and there are still many traces of this period in history.

Chanthaburi is also renowned for jewels, particularly rubies and sapphires which were once bountiful in the district. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings you can visit the bustling gemstone market in the Street of Jewels. By arrangement you may also be able to visit a working gemstone mine, where you can see jewel-encrusted rocks coming out of the ground.