Mountains and Jungle

Kung Wiman is a spur in the foothills of the jungle-clad chain of mountains which stretch along the ThaióCambodian border, the Cardamon mountains. On the Thai side of the border itís an easy day trip to the mountains on the Thai side of the border - Kao Kitjagut, Kao Soi Dao, Kao Wong, Kao Sukim, and Kao Chamong. Activities such as white-water rafting, bush walks or trekking in the rainforest means that Faasai Resort in Chanthaburi is a perfect base for adventure travel and ecotourism.

Kao Kitjagut, with its granite cliffs, tropical rainforest and unusual rock formations, is considered to be a sacred mountain by the Thais and is closed to the public, for all but the first three months of the year. Then it becomes the scene of a major festival, with people coming from all over the country to make a pilgrimage up the mountain.

Kao Soi Dao is well-known for its many-tiered waterfalls, unspoilt tropical rainforest and a sanctuary for many species of wildlife unique to the area including the pleated gibbon. The Kao Soi Dao Highland Golf Club, with its mountain views, is one of the most beautiful in Thailand.