Restaurant Menu

Popular Thai dishes

Fried rice Bt 60 (small)

Omelet (plain) Bt 50

Fried chicken with cashews Bt 130

Stir fried noodles (Pad Se-ew or Pad Thai ) Bt 90

Stir fried pork with fresh basil and chili Bt 110

Stir fried chicken with ginger Bt 110

Grilled Isaan chicken Bt 90 (small) Bt 130 (large)

Tom Yum soup with mixed seafood Bt 120 (small) Bt 170 (large)

Tom Gar Gai – Thai coconut milk soup with chicken and galangal Bt 120 (small) Bt 170 (large)

Som Tum – green papaya salad Bt 50

Larb – spicy Thai salad with toasted rice, chili and mint Bt 130

Namtok – spicy fermented pork sausage salad with lemongrass and chili Bt 130

Green Thai curry Bt 130

Our specialities

Moo Chamuang – sweet, sour and spicy pork casserole with garcinia leaves… Bt 150

Chicken with neem leaves Bt 130

Red curry with Siamese cassia (pork or prawns) Bt 150

Stir fried prawns with lemongrass Bt 110

Stir fried squid with black pepper Bt 150

Grilled squid with chili dipping sauce Bt 150

Bla Sam Rot - fish with three flavours – sweet, sour and spicy Bt 390

Fish wrapped in foil with fresh garden herbs Bt 390

Freshly picked steamed or raw vegetables with gapi spicy shrimp paste dipping sauce Bt 70

Western and vegetarian

Pasta with tomato and basil Bt 150

Toasted sandwiches Bt 70

BLT or gourmet sandwiches Bt 120

French fries Bt 60 (small) Bt 120 (big)

Vegetarian spring rolls Bt 60 (small) Bt 120 (big)

Stir fried vegetables Bt 70

Fish and chips Bt 350

Platter of fresh fruit Bt 40 (small) Bt 80 (big)

Fresh fruit smoothies Bt 100

Freshly brewed coffee Bt 50