Chanthaburi is rich in interest for foodies, nature-lovers, adventure-seekers and history buffs. We can arrange an itinerary of tours to suit you. Here is a sample of our most popular itineraries.

Royal Marine Sanctuary Kung Kraben

A boardwalk through the mangroves, a visit to the Kung Kraben aquarium by Laem Sadet beach and a visit to the outdoor marine nursery where you may see giant groper, leopard sharks and turtles. About three hours. Bt 500 per person

Kayaking through the mangroves is available from October to March and includes a walk through the mangroves and transport from the resort. About three hours. Bt 500 per person

Chanthaburi city tour

Tailored trips may include a visit to the King Taksin memorial, a craft market, the largest Catholic church in Thailand and the old city of Chanthaboon. Chanthaburiís gemstone market is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Half day trip costs Bt 1500 for up to four persons.

Culture and history

You can learn about the history of Thailand with a trip to the national maritime museum where there are replicas of ancient trading vessels and treasures from shipwrecks, and inspect the ancient shipbuilding yards of King Taksin the Great. You can also see mat weaving, visit the former home of a Queen of Thailand or a gemstone mine. Prices from Bt 900 to Bt 2500.

Waterfalls and forest parks

Chanthaburi is well endowed with national parks and waterfalls. The most accessible waterfall is Namtok Pliew, as it is only a short walk from the car to the falls. There you can see a moss-covered chedi erected by King Rama V and swim with the fishes. Kao Chamao is a more energetic trek and has a series of falls with beautiful rocky pools set amidst virgin forest. Kao Soi Dao is the highest mountain peak in Chanthaburi and a hike up the many tiered waterfall takes you through splendid forest, where you may gain a glimpse of many rare animals and plants. Namtok Plieu and Kao Chamao are half day trips and cost Bt 2,500 and Bt 3,500 respectively and a full day to Kao Soi Dao costs Bt 3500. If more than two persons, additional park entry fees may apply.

Kao Kitjagut

This spectacular place is revered by Thais as a sacred mountain and every year thousands of people trek up the mountain to make merit and wish for good luck. There is a footprint of the Buddha on the top next to a giant boulder perched on the edge of a cliff. It has many unusual rock formations including in the shape of a turtle, a chedi and an elephant. It is only open for two and a half months a year, starting at the Chinese New Year. The trip takes about 5 hours. Bt 3,500

Kung Kraben boat trip

A trip in a local fishing boat around the bay of Kung Kraben, past mangroves and the Hua Laem fishing village. The boat will drop in to the marine nursery where you can see giant groper, turtles and leopard sharks (weather and visibility permitting). Only available at high tide. About two hours. Bt 500 per person with a minimum of two persons.

Monkey caves

In this trip to the temple of the Golden Cave you will be able to see and feed monkeys in a natural playground, visit caves, feed catfish and go to a walk to the top of the hill, where there are huge and stunning Buddha images and a spectacular view over to Rayong. About 3-4 hours. Bt 1500 for up to four people.

Scenic tour of Kung Wiman

A visit to the scenic lookout with panoramic views of the Gulf of Thailand and Hua Laem fishing village, original home of the sea gypsies. A trip past a ship building yard and to the local temple of Wat Tha Klaeng with Chinese, Indian influences. About one hour. Bt 300

Market and salt farm

A visit to a fresh market is a great way to appreciate the richness of Chanthaburi and its local cuisine. You will see tropical fruit in season, local delicacies and many different kinds of seafood. The best market is on Saturday afternoon where you can also drop by the nearby salt farm and pick up a bag of crystalline sea salt, fresh from the sea. About two hours. Baht 500

Chao Lao Beach

This neighbouring beach to Kung Wiman is a popular Thai holiday destination and has a long white sandy beach with many eating places as well as banana boats and souvenir shops. We will take you to Chao Lao for Bt 200 and pick you up at a pre-determined time.

Hire motorbikes, bicycles or pick-up truck

If you would like to hire a bicycle the rental charge is Bt 200 for the day /Bt 100 for half day / Bt 50 for 1-3 hours. To hire a motorcycle the rental charge is Bt 350 for the day /Bt 200 for half day (you buy petrol) Hire of a pickup truck is Bt 800 for the day / Bt 400 for half day (you buy petrol)