Around the Resort

For those who are interested in ecotourism or cultural tourism there are many interesting activities around Faasai Resort. One of the easiest is bird watching. All you have to do is sit quietly and you will be able to spot many beautiful and unusual birds such as the greater racket-tailed drongo (sang saew), lineated barbet (poradok) and coucal (kabok).

You can also go wild-life spotting in a bush walk to the top of the hill behind the resort. There are squirrels, wildcats, snakes and monkeys as well as many varieties of lizards and ghekkos. It is called Kao Nam Pu or Springwater Hill because of a natural mineral spring which flows out of there.

From the top of the hill there is a spectacular ocean view and you can pay your respects at the shrine for the Mother of the Sea.

From the resort it is only a short walk to the safe swimming beach of Kung Wiman. In the winter and summer months (November to April) the water is clear enough for admiring the tropical fish when snorkeling around the rocks and going out in a glass bottomed boat in the nearby Kao Chao Lao beach. We can also arrange boat trips on the harbour, kayaking through the mangroves, firefly spotting during the rainy season, or visits to the marine sanctuary in Kung Kraben.