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Whole and Happy Yoga Retreat blog

03:26pm, Wednesday 19 April 2017

A revitalising, restorative 7 day yoga retreat at Faasai Eco Resort and Spa, Chanthaburi, Thailand. November 4-11, 2016 Led by Rosie Moreton and Natasha Kochan Rosie blog Natasha blog YOUR RETREAT We're here for you to unveil and understand all the little parts of you that create a ...more

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Nature as classroom blog

03:48pm, Wednesday 19 April 2017

When building Faasai Resort and Spa we were very conscious that one of the worst aspects of tourism is the destruction of wildlife habitat. So we bought the land which we now call White Water Lake and set aside pockets of nature such as swampland and groves of trees for the local wildlife. We also planted nectar-bearing and ...more

Village of Thai red jungle fowl blog

03:47pm, Wednesday 19 April 2017

A few months ago wild chickens began visiting our farm at White Water Lake. They were beautiful but very shy Thai red jungle fowl, or gallus gallus. A male was accompanied by about six hens, which before too long began building nests. One went under a lemon grass bush and was quickly abandoned, while another in a tree blew off in the wind, leaving the eggs on the ground. The wisest hen built her ...more

The Australian mahout blog

06:09pm, Monday 23 March 2015

One of our favourite visitors at the resort is Jenny Dickens, an Australian zoo-worker who is a trained mahout. She comes to Thailand two or three times a year bringing small groups who tend elephants and learn about conservation before coming to Faasai Resort and Spa for some relaxation and pampering. Jenny is always hugely welcome when she comes - she loves to try new things such as rice ...more

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