Whole and Happy Yoga Retreat

Friday 11 November 2016

A revitalising, restorative 7 day yoga retreat at Faasai Eco Resort and Spa, Chanthaburi, Thailand

Led by Rosie Moreton and Natasha Kochan


We\'re here for you to unveil and understand all the little parts of you that create a beautiful harmony.

This is not about going backwards, to a former self, trying to get back to where you once were. This is about moving forward, about uncovering the innate and detailed layers of your beautiful self on a journey of discovery and self-exploration. This is about getting your glow on, and becoming whole again.We create a well balanced programme focused not only on the physical aspects of yoga, but also on nature, community, self love and most importantly, laughter.

This is not your average yoga retreat, because you\'re no average human. You are an intricate, complex individual. We understand your individuality and believe like minded individuals can come together to create the Whole. Our retreats focus on embracing individuality in a family-style, small group setting. To truly relax and reap the benefits of a retreat, you need to feel right at home. That\'s what we\'re all about, and we hope you will feel safe, supported and free to express yourself throughout your retreat. Over seven days, you start to sink into each moment, letting go of your worries and reshuffling your priorities so that your health and wellbeing come in top of the list. Your co-retreaters become your family, your rustic bungalow your home, and your yoga mat your temple. A balance of energising and restorative practices, nourishing simple food, good company, beautiful surroundings and supportive staff ensures you leave feeling more whole, and more balanced. Join us for a week of self-exploration, through the practice of yoga and meditation, community living and immersion in nature. We can\'t wait to meet you.Rise and shine, sweet pea!

USD 600
25% non-refundable deposit upon booking (USD 150)
Payable via PayPal