Stupa at Wat Phlap

Stupa at Wat Phlap

Explore Chanthaburi history at Wat Phlap

09:56pm, Thursday 12 September 2019

Chanthaburi is full of historic interest. It is an ancient trading port going back many centuries and one of the earliest places where the Teochew Chinese people who came to Thailand settled. Wat Phlap at Tambon Bang Kacha, in the southwest of Chanthaburi city, is one of the historic treasures of Thailand. It dates back to the Ayutthaya period and there is a beautiful stupa there, more than 200-years old which has been restored. There is also an ancient pavilion.

The pavilion is surrounded by water which is accessed across a small wooden bridge while stone steps lead to the stupa.

The sacred well there was used by King Taksin and the water is still used nowadays in coronation ceremonies

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