Plai ready for the luk prakob

Plai ready for the luk prakob

A selection of herbs from the garden

A selection of herbs from the garden

Two night nature spa package $99

04:14pm, Friday 4 May 2018

Thailand's award-winning eco-resort Faasai Resort and Spa is offering a unique spa package for nature lovers of two nights' accommodation and two spa treatments, plus a mangrove board walk, or Thai cooking class for $99 for one person or $153 for two persons sharing a room.

The resort is at Kung Wiman Beach in Chanthaburi on Thailand's Southeast coast. With its mountains, forests, orchards and beaches, Chanthaburi is one of Thailand's most beautiful provinces. It is less than a three-hour drive from Bangkok's international airport and easily accessible by bus.

The two spa treatments on offer are the spa's signature herbal pound Luk Prakob for one and a half hours using freshly picked aromatic herbs from the resort gardens such as turmeric, plai (zingiber cassumar), kaffir limes, lemongrass and tamarind and a one hour traditional Thai massage.

A unique feature of both the Luk Prakob spa and the Thai massage is the use of plai, a Thai herb from the ginger family that has been used in traditional Thai medicine for hundreds of years. Its medicinal properties have been well documented by royal physicians and are the subject of more than 40 academic papers. Plai is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic herb that is commonly used to relieve muscle aches, rheumatism and arthritis. The spa uses its proprietary plai balm in its traditional Thai massage. The therapists are highly experienced graduates of the world-renowned Wat Po school of massage and their skill and care is well-attested by the glowing testimonials of clients.

The spa is filled with light and air and has views of the swimming pool and beautiful fountains and gardens including a magnificent Bodhi tree. Bodhi trees are revered by the predominantly Buddhist Thai people, as the Buddha was meditating under a Bodhi tree when he reached enlightenment more than 2,600 years ago. Indeed, there are many trees of ancient lineage and spiritual significance in the resort's gardens that cover two and a half acres. These include agarwood, or oud (aquilaria agallocha), which is revered by many religions for its spiritual properties and trees featured in Buddhist cosmology, such at Thailand's national tree the golden flowering ratchaphruek (cassia fistula). Behind the resort there is a forest covered hill with a shrine to the ″Mother of the Sea″ and guests can take a short walk to the top of the hill where they can practice walking meditation through a protected grove of Siamese rosewood trees.

They can also explore the resort's nearby nature sanctuary White Water Lake with its ponds, wetlands and organic orchards, enjoy sunsets by the sea, visit local markets or cycle around the local countryside as well as taking tours around the province.

The kitchen specializes in Thai cooking using fresh local ingredients and chefs will happily provide special menus on request to suit individual wishes.

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